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Interactive works

From 2001 i extended my musical activities, researching in the field of new media, trying to find other ways how to make / perform / interact with music. You can find ocumentation of these works and efforts here.

Cooperation with Dan Gregor aka Initi

Archifon (Current project)

Archifon is a large interactive mapping based musical instrument made from the interiors or the exteriors of the buildings. People point laser pointers on the different architectural elements and triger audiovisual events. This is made possible by the mapping of the virtual surface of these builiding. We always start with locating interesting spacial building in the city (often we work in the churches or old buildings) and than build the installation and story around it. Angels start to sing, parts of the windows work like tones of the church organ, words of the text can be reprogrammed and become "melody maker", pillars are the effect faders, elements of the paintings are trigered creating musical atmospheres and much more. More info about the project at www.archifon.org/

Archifon 1 - PAF / Olomouc (2011)
Archifon 2 - Nuit Blanche / Bruseles (2012)
Archifon 3 - Ars Electronica / Linz (2014)
Archifon 4 - Sonica Festival / Glasgow (2017)

Netykavka 3 - New York (2016)

Working with Dan again, we created unique light sculpture. Shape of this sculpture is generated by the melody played on the instrument. You can touch resulted shape and manipulate music in real time. Together with the dancer Tami Stronach we created piece based around exploration of the Netykavka and dance.

Tomas Dvorak

Tomas Dvorak

Instalations and performances

Crossroad (2002)

Music generated by cars on the crossroad

RGB (2003-2005)

People in the audience collectivelly creating music together by shinning with the custom made flashlight on the big screen and emitting primary colours of the spectrum (hence the RGB name). Colours can be combined to create secondary colours (eg. red + blue = violet

Tomas Dvorak

Live Score (2006)

Music created and manipulated in real time via sprays, stencils, bubles and the other physical elements. Cooperation with artist Tomas Vanek.

Tomas Dvorak

Tomas Dvorak

Internet projects

Candyski (2001)

Geocit (2002)

Herb Instrument (2003)






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