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The new band is inspired by the latest record Zorya. The main idea behind is based on the clarinet and the voice in general resonating trough the Floex Universe. Voice same as the clarinet are the monophonic instruments. Monophonic limitation and its posibilities is another important "moto" of our live project.


Tomas Dvorak

Tomáš Dvořák

author of music, live electronics, clarinet, midi clarinet



Tomas Dvorak

Sára Vondrášková

vocals, keyboards (Never Sol)



Tomas Dvorak

Jirka Javůrek

clarinet, bas clarinet, midi clarinet (Belfiato / PKF)



Tomas Dvorak

Marián Petržela

drums and pads


Dominik Pecka / Venca Horák

live sound engineer



Petr Skála (basquitar), Joe Acheson (basguitar), Marinella Mastrosimone / Musetta (vocals), Matteo Curcio / Musetta (electronic, pads)



Veronika Vlková (projections), Dan Gregor (projections technical solution)


Selected Concerts

Mira Festival (Barcelona / Spain / 2012)
Mtr (Bucharest / Romania / 2012)
Krake Festival (Berlin / Germany / 2012)
Audioriver (Plock / Poland / 2012)
The Queens Hall (Edinburgh / Scotland / 2012)
Palác Akropolis (Prague / Czech Rep. / 2012)
Pohoda Festival (Trenčín / Slovakia / 2012)
Willsonic Festival (Bratislava / Slovakia / 2012)
The Big Chill (Eastnor Castle Deer Park / Velká Británie / 2003)

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