A Portrait Of John Doe

by Floex & Tom Hodge
A Portrait Of John Doe

The new album, 'A Portrait of John Doe' from Floex and Tom Hodge (feat. Prague Symphony Orchestra) is finally out!

From the time we have met randomly in Berlin, trough the exciting moments when improvising together in the studio, scoring and recording the orchestra, spending countless weeks over production and finally even working on the live performance - all together we've come incredible four year long journey finnishing it and we are so happy to share the whole thing with you now!

What's the story of John Doe?

You can find this small text on the CD or LP cover.

Meet John Doe.

John goes to work. John comes home. And every day he watches 'The Inauguration Of Nobody' in particular.

On Wednesdays. John Doe likes to party. After all, 'Wednesday Is The New Friday'. Work looms large for John Doe. He feels a little undervalued.

'The Machines Are Dancing' all around him while he stands still.

But there are ups as well as downs. 'John Doe Arise!' And he likes to dream. "I Dream Of Ikaria” he says quietly to himself. "It’s just a 'Prelude' to bigger, better things”.

Because for John, there is always hope of improvement, hope of 'Resurgence'. Meet John Doe. This is his 'Requiem', a requiem for a common man.


'Some collaborations are like a firework – instant, uncontrollable and short-lived. Others are like a hearthstone fire – calculated, nurtured and long-lasting. After meeting at Berlin Festival in 2014, Czech composer/artist Tomas Dvorak (aka Floex) and UK composer/pianist Tom Hodge (of Piano Interrupted) sat down to plan and build a fire. Over three years in the making, A Portrait of John Doe is a masterful meeting of artists, instruments and styles – and one of the year’s finest records so far.' ACloserLIsten.com 

Floex (Tomáš Dvorak) and Tom Hodge have come together, blending orchestral music with the industrial and electronic, creating its own unique and organic universe. 

John Doe is the everyday man. In a world of excess and social media fame, the album is an homage to our everyday lives and our routines. The pair began work on the album after meeting at the Berlin festival in 2014. The project has taken three years to complete and saw the pair work together with the Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra (PRSO) to bring the music and their arrangements to life. 

Floex & Tom Hodge said:

“We are looking for universal human stories, things that connect us. This is neither an apocalyptic or wildly optimistic vision, the album subject for ‘A Portrait Of John Doe’ is rather a search for modern human values. The theme of the album turns our attention to everyday moments of our lives, as a certain counterbalance to the unceasing pursuit of efficiency, singularity and uniqueness that is so characteristic of today's times.“ 


  • Released June 29, 2018 
  • Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marko Ivanović. Orchestration by Tom Hodge. Score Preparation by Chris Warner. Orchestra recorded by Jakub Hadraba in Czech Radio Studio 1. 
  • Vocals in “John Doe Arise, “Prelude I” and “Prelude II” by Kim Sheehan. Additional bassclarinet in “I Dream Of Ikaria” by Jiří Javůrek.
  • Recorded in Floex Studio, Prague. Mixed by Matouš Godík & Tomáš Dvořák. 
  • Produced by Tomáš Dvořák. 
  • Written and performed by Tomáš Dvořák and Tom Hodge.