FLOEX (Tomáš Dvořák)  is a clarinetist, composer and multimedia artist from Prague. The musical nickname comes originally from the combination of the different worlds 'float', 'flex', 'experiment'.

In his tracks, Floex creates a unique atmospheric universe, which explores the possibilities of the coexistence between electronic and acoustic sound worlds. There is strong emphases placed on natural musicality and humanity on one side and on cutting-edge approach to electronic music production on the other. These polarities just seem to create an interesting tension.

Floex as well experiments beyond linear music scenarios creating unique multimedia installations or music for games.


This page should serve as space for the purposes which socials and other places can't provide. Documentation of past and current work created for nearly 20 years between music and interactive projects.  Also mains source of the information and other materials, including exclusive downloads. Enjoy this space!



Upcoming events

Floex (Dolní Oblast Vítkovice)
Floex (Tančírna v Račím údolí)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Frýdek Místek, Czech Republic)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Colour Meeting Festival)
Floex (Beseda u Bigbítu)


" A Portrait Of John Doe" received Andel Award

05. 03. 2019
Our recent album 'A Portrait Of John Doe' made together with Tom Hodge got really great critical response, especially in Floex home country — Czech Republic. Not only it has been nominated to Classic Music Awards and Apollo Awards, it received Anděl (Czech Grammy) in the Electronic & Alternative music category.
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New Live Video EP

30. 11. 2018
We are just releasing digital EP 'John Doe Arise (Live in Prague) on Mercury KX.
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New album out

John Doe Arise (Live in Prague)

by Floex & Tom Hodge