A Portrait Of John Doe

by Floex & Tom Hodge
A Portrait Of John Doe

Collaborative album  'A Portrait of John Doe' from Floex and Tom Hodge (feat. Prague Symphony Orchestra).  Released June 29th, 2018.


It is slightly conceptual album about ordinary moments of our live, momments which connect us as humans.


Meet John Doe. John goes to work. John comes home. And every day he watches 'The Inauguration Of Nobody' in particular. On Wednesdays. John Doe likes to party. After all, 'Wednesday Is The New Friday'. Work looms large for John Doe. He feels a little undervalued. 'The Machines Are Dancing' all around him while he stands still. But there are ups as well as downs. 'John Doe Arise!' And he likes to dream. "I Dream Of Ikaria” he says quietly to himself. "It’s just a 'Prelude' to bigger, better things”. Because for John, there is always hope of improvement, hope of 'Resurgence'. Meet John Doe. This is his 'Requiem', a requiem for a common man.


'Some collaborations are like a firework – instant, uncontrollable and short-lived. Others are like a hearthstone fire – calculated, nurtured and long-lasting. After meeting at Berlin Festival in 2014, Czech composer/artist Tomas Dvorak (aka Floex) and UK composer/pianist Tom Hodge (of Piano Interrupted) sat down to plan and build a fire. Over three years in the making, A Portrait of John Doe is a masterful meeting of artists, instruments and styles – and one of the year’s finest records so far.' ACloserLIsten.com 


"Portrait of John Doe is an incredible album. It has unique and extravagant arrangements, it’s conceptual and “forward thinking”, but, most important, it’s absolutely nice and joyful to listen. To some extent, I feel it’s destined to leave a strong mark in the experimental and avant-gard electronic music scene. The album is filled with many hints and references from modern classical music. There are clear hints and references to both the orchestral and electronic works by Philip Glass, and we have rarified and haunting atmospheres like those we find in some of the works of Bela Bartok and Dmitrij Šostakovič.

Portrait of John Doe is an ambitious record that was done very well, plenty of surprises and absolutely innovative. This music is really different from everything you’ve heard in the recent times and it really deserves the time (and the effort) that are necessary to enjoy its crystalline beauty without too many distractions and interruptions." Selected by Guerino