Dynamic Delay

The secret weapon of my studio. I am using it frequently in my tracks. This algorithm was originally created a long time ago (around 2003) in Pluggo format. Finally, I have reproduced it for M4L.

It was inspired by a simple question — what would happen if the delay's delay time would be constantly changing its depth according to accurately synchronized host phasor (synchronization signal of DAW). For example — imagine what happens if you are changing one beat long delay to the zero in 1/8 speed. What if you add feedback? The answer is here:


Dynamic Delay was born!

This highly musical plugin can make an incredible amount of creative jobs. Often if I have found some of my motives boring, I run it through this plugin, to «rephrase» or modify the original recording.  It can be used for crazy drum effects (try custom hand-drawn waveform with short Depth and long LFO Frequency), strange modulations and detuning. However mainly, it is great strange transposer / rephraser.  Try phasor down or up in different relationships to pitch down, or up or even reverse the original signal… Also it possible to achieve super short delay times for these nasty flanging effects (try it with almost 100% feedback settings).

This patch is «audio effect». When installing, put it into your custom Max For Live /  Max Audio Effect folder.