Insta Sampler

This patch was originally inspired by the work on the installation Netykavka. Live sampling algorithm allowed to record and immediately manipulate audio buffer which was sliced into 8 segments. This is a very simple patch which is not original by its specialization but the functionality. The idea is to be able as quickly as possibly improvise with certain audio material without the need to set the audio slices in a complicated way.


Simply drag and drop audio recording into the «drop area» and play. «Initialize on drop» function will automatically divide your wav into 8 equal parts. Than hit any white keyboard in c3-c4 range and select I , to map the slice to given note. Make adjustment for each slice — pitch, attack, release, reverse and time-stretch. Timestretch can radically modify the sound, there are several algorithms available.  Anti click setting improves the slice looping.

Hint: Once you find an interesting sequence, it is fun to record the midi data and replace the audio buffer with different content.

This patch is «instrument». When installing, put it into your custom Max For Live /  Max Instrument folder.