Non Linear Sequencer

Most of the sequencers are loop-based, they work under the given "time domain" - being synchronized to BPM and quantized to a certain time grid. My patch is breaking this rule. It is based on a very primitive creative idea that each note is pulsing in certain frequency working totally independently of the BPM or the relationship to the other notes. Since each note has its own frequency, the result is never-ending and repeating rhythmical texture.


You can set the note by pressing any key on your master keyboard or manually. Patch has currently only 1+4 voice polyphony (keep it simple!) and the notes are allocated automatically. The slider sets the frequency of the note trigger (50-3000ms).  Length sets the note length. Latch frees you from the need holing the keyboard (like on the arpeggiator of the synth).  It is possible to turn on/off the latch by the Modwheel. You can also randomize some settings. Probability sets the probability that the note will be played (127 = 100% probability). Rndt (Random transposition) randomly transpose the note from 0 to 4 octaves up, the velocity range slider sets the range for the random velocity.

Finally, there is a tricky function called «sync 1st voice». To create certain time context of your sequence, you can set the first voice to be synchronized to the host. It only plays when the host plays (apart from the normal behaviour of the other voices which play whenever the key is pressed or in latch mode).

This patch is «midi effect». When installing, put it into your custom Max For Live /  Max Midi Effect folder.