Ema Tomatucha Instruments (v 1.0)

This is selection of instruments (in NI Kontakt format) me and my sound engineer friend Matouš Godík have created and collected for nearly 20 years.  Instruments sampled with personal attitude. Very basic collection, more stuff is going to be added soon.



Tron  — The main instrument used in 'Machines Are Dancing' track from the album 'A Portrait Of John Doe'. It's FM7 synth autosampled trough real Space Echo SRE-555
ProphetOpenPluck — Autosampled Prophet pluck used for live performance
ProphetFlutePluck — Autosampled Prophet pluck used for live performance



MutedFxPiano — Muted Petrof Piano from my studio. Used in 'Wednesday Is New Friday'
LofiGuiXrx — Experimental guitar sounds
HohnerPianet — Very unique sample bank of the pianet
HohnerClavinet — Very different sample bank of the clavinet from the Hohner Pianet / Clavinet Duo with more gentle approach than this instrument is usually being sampled, sometimes almost sound like weird japanese string instrument