'A Portrait Of John Doe' Response

22. 08. 2018

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Selected by Guerino

"Portrait of John Doe is an incredible album. It has unique and extravagant arrangements, it’s conceptual and “forward thinking”, but, most important, it’s absolutely nice and joyful to listen. To some extent, I feel it’s destined to leave a strong mark in the experimental and avant-gard electronic music scene. The album is filled with many hints and references from modern classical music. There are clear hints and references to both the orchestral and electronic works by Philip Glass, and we have rarified and haunting atmospheres like those we find in some of the works of Bela Bartok and Dmitrij Šostakovič.

Portrait of John Doe is an ambitious record that was done very well, plenty of surprises and absolutely innovative. This music is really different from everything you’ve heard in the recent times and it really deserves the time (and the effort) that are necessary to enjoy its crystalline beauty without too many distractions and interruptions."



A Closer Listen

'A Portrait of John Doe is a masterful meeting of artists, instruments and styles – and one of the year’s finest records so far'



International Dj Mag

Duos and collaborations litter dance music in the most positive of ways: take Daft Punk, The Hacker & Miss Kittin, Basement Jaxx or Disclosure, for instance. Add in the considerable talent of two trained musicians and what comes to pass is nothing short of musical nirvana. Floex and Tom Hodge are two such musicians, and their new album A Portrait Of John Doe aims to look for the human themes that connect us all.




Headphone Commute

"The intoxicating geometry of its bold rhythmic patterns, intricate electronics, and soaring ensemble arrangements is exhilarating..."



Stationary Travels

"Bold, vibrant, and endlessly inventive, there is a certain clever irony in the fact that while its protagonist may be nondescript and ubiquitous, A Portrait of John Doe is a singular achievement that stands out from the crowd."



"A Portrait of John Doe sounds strong, and every song has an idea of sounding, not the idea of "collecting something together." The very acoustic and cinematic Wednesday, the IDMy Machines Are Dancing, the epic Prelude, the breathtaking Requiem: they do not sound like a genre, not like a fusion of genres, but like an interesting new musical idea embodied through synthesizers and orchestra. That's awesome."

"The one told by the album is clearly visible, and this is the first time an instrumental album made me think about life. Mostly because of the inconvenient, dissonant I Dream of Ikaria, which I perceived as a musical interpretation of the throws and torments of something weak mind trying to create something, and the Requiem, which seems to
me an incredible image of the anxiety and fear of a man who suddenly ran out of time. Maybe the brightest moment of John Doe's life is its end. I think that at the beginning of the story the listener seems to be looking at the character from the side, and by the end he is looking through the character’s eyes." Dmitry Kroo (FB)




"A Portrait Of John Doe" je deskou, která má mnoho tváří a představuje celistvý příběh imaginárního hrdiny, kterým ve svém důsledku může být kdokoliv z nás. Spojení dvojice Floex a Tom Hodge vytváří organickou hudební mozaiku a dotaženou nahrávku, v níž každým poslechem objevíte nové detaily. A takové se u nás nerodí každý den.