Netykavka (collaboration with Initi) 2016-present

Ongoing research and development project. The interactive light statue used as an interactive musical instrument. This project is originally based on the installation by Dan Gregor (Initi). His original minimalistic installation is inspired by the avantgarde artist Anthony McCall and his pieces of art generated by rays of light. It is a remake of one of his "light sculptures" with the added ability to respond to touch.  In 2016 Floex & Initi came together again with an idea to move this concept further  creating the fully responsive musical instrument.  They've presented it for the first time in New York 2016 as part of the experimental theatre show «Prague — New York Effects» together with the dancer Tami Stronach. In this case, exploring how this instrument could interact with the dance and at the same time serve as the musical tool. The main musical algorithm is based on live sampling. Musicians can record any content into the light statue and immediately interact and develop further the musical content. 


At the moment the project is undergoing another major transformation, being transformed into a major performance tool for the concerts. Supposed project premiere 2020.

Concept, visuals and installation: Dan Gregor

Concept, music and Max programming: Floex

Main programmer: Ondrej Prucha


Photos 1-4  come from the NYC Performance with Tami Stronach by Adela Wagner.