Don't Stop (2018)

A quiet glance to cross the hall, conceal breath, raise your hand, wait for silence and tame restlessness, determine the tempo, conquer attention and hold firmly in the hands. Now! Conducting or who, how and who drives and leads? Who is more important - a conductor, a work, an interpreter, or an audience? Who has the power and to whom does the work belong?

Concept, choreography: Tereza Hradilková
Interpretation: Tereza Hradilková
Dramaturgy: Lukáš Jiřička
Music: Floex
Light design: Zuzana Režná
Technical cooperation: Jonas Svatoš
Costume: Marjetka Kürner Kalous
Production: Veronika Hladká
Producer: Jakub Hradilek
Special thanks: Jan Horák