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Machinarium Anniversary

16. 10. 2019
We are celebrating Machinarium ten years Anniversary.
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07. 10. 2019
New Amanita Design soundtrack recently scored by Floex. It is short adventure game "Pilgrims" based on the card system.
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Papetura Trailer

26. 08. 2019
New exciting project I am currently working on with the young Polish developer Tomasz Ostafin! Papetura, handcrafted puzzle adventure game made of paper with music by Floex is coming later this year.
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" A Portrait Of John Doe" received Andel Award

05. 03. 2019
Our recent album 'A Portrait Of John Doe' made together with Tom Hodge got really great critical response, especially in Floex home country — Czech Republic. Not only it has been nominated to Classic Music Awards and Apollo Awards, it received Anděl (Czech Grammy) in the Electronic & Alternative music category.
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New Live Video EP

30. 11. 2018
We are just releasing digital EP 'John Doe Arise (Live in Prague) on Mercury KX.
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'A Portrait Of John Doe' Remixes

18. 09. 2018
Hidden Orchestra, Max Cooper, Deltawerk, Poppy Ackroyd - thanks to all these artists for the wonderful remixes of the selected tracks from 'A Portrait Of John Doe' singles.
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'A Portrait Of John Doe' Response

22. 08. 2018
Check the selection of the reviews and responses on our latest album.
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New collaborative album 'A Portrait Of John Doe'

28. 06. 2018
Floex and Tom Hodge's expansive electronic-classical crossover project is finally here! Created with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Tom and Floex have imagined a musical world that celebrates the ordinary, finding value in no one and everyone.
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