John Doe Arise EP (inc Max Cooper Remix)

by Floex & Tom Hodge

Following recent single ‘Wednesday (Is The New Friday)’, Floex & Tom Hodge have announced the ‘John Doe Arise EP’ will be available from 18 May.

The 2 track EP, which comprises ‘John Doe Arise’, and a stunning remix of the original from Max Cooper, is the second in a three-part EP series ahead of Floex & Hodges’ forthcoming collaborative album ‘A Portrait Of John Doe’ (available from 29 June via Mercury KX).

Cooper, a friend of both Floex and Hodge, previously collaborated with them on ‘Remnants’, and has DJed alongside Floex on several occasions.

“We are looking for universal human stories, things that connect us. This is neither an apocalyptic or wildly optimistic vision, the album subject for ‘A Portrait Of John Doe’ is rather a search for modern human values.

The theme of the album turns our attention to everyday moments of our lives, as a certain counterbalance to the unceasing pursuit of efficiency, singularity and uniqueness that is so characteristic of today's times.“

Floex & Tom Hodge

‘A Portrait Of John Doe’ sees Floex (aka Tomas Dvorak, the Czech clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague), and London-based Hodge (the British composer, pianist, and clarinetist, who recently scored McMafia), bring together classical and radical “avant-garde” electronic music.

The pair began work on the album after meeting at the Berlin festival in 2014, the project has taken three years to complete and saw the pair work together with the Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra (PRSO) to bring the music and their arrangements to life.