FLOEX (Tomáš Dvořák)  is clarinetist, composer and multimedia artist from Prague. The musical nickname comes originally from the combination of the different worlds 'float', 'flex', 'experiment'. 'Float' stands for the idea of the music so deep that makes listener literary dive and float in it, 'flex' for music changeability — music very organic, developing and surprising listener all the time. Finally 'experiment' coded into the name just suggests the everlasting aim to explore  new possibilities and boundaries. 

In his tracks Floex creates unique atmospheric universe, which explores the possibilities of the coexistence between electronic and acoustic sound worlds. There is strong emphases placed on natural musicality and humanity on one side  on cutting edge  approach to electronic music production on the other. These polarities just seem to create interesting tension.

Floex as well experiments beyond linear music scenarios creating unique multimedia installations or music for games.

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Archifon (Oviedo, Spain)
Floex and Tom Hodge (A4)
Floex and Tom Hodge (BrickHouse DOV)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Divadlo 29)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Hranicár Ústí)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Gottfrei)
Floex and Tom Hodge (MeetFactory)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Jazz Tibet Club)
Floex and Tom Hodge (Kabinet Múz)


New collaborative album 'A Portrait Of John Doe'

28. 06. 2018
Floex and Tom Hodge's expansive electronic-classical crossover project is finally here! Created with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Tom and Floex have imagined a musical world that celebrates the ordinary, finding value in no one and everyone.
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New album out

A Portrait Of John Doe

by Floex & Tom Hodge