FLOEX (Tomas Dvorak)

Clarinettist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague (Czech Republic).

In his tracks, Floex creates a unique atmospheric universe made of electronic and acoustic sound worlds.  Besides releasing albums Tomas is experimenting beyond the linear music scenarios creating unique multimedia installations or music for the games.

He released two full-length albums "Pocustone" (2001), "Zorya" (2011) and Gone EP (2014). Both received several prestigious awards not only in the Czech Republic. A latest and very exciting collaboration with Tom Hodge creates a new level of synergy where classical music and radical "avant-garde" electronic blends into a unique organic universe.

He is well known for his cooperation with Amanita Design on the soundtracks for the games Samorost 2 (2006), Machinarium (2009) and Samorost 3 (2016). Machinarium OST gained massive reaction by both fans and critics and made Tomáš music known internationally.

Tomas is also the author of several unique interactive music multimedia installations and performances (RGB, Crossroad, Live Score, Archifon series with Initi) which he created from 2002. These works have been presented on international festivals like Ars Electronica, Sonica or Nuit Blanche Bruxelles.




Tomas is known mainly for his atmospheric music, which both live or from the records is rather listening experience. However, he loves to DJ as well. Beware of the fact, this is a very different side of his musical personality. His DJ sets are full of energy, ecstatic moments, made to experience intense and deep side of the electronic dance music. Music oscillate between techno, electronic dance music with occasional trips basically anywhere, just to make the people on the party surprised and show interesting parallels between dance music and other styles. In his selection, Tomas looks for depth and  Tomas likes to play long DJ sets, it takes time to dive into the right state of dance and achieve that almost transcendental flow.  On proper occasions, he would play 10 or more hours long.


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  • Big Chill (Easton Castle Deer Park / UK)
  • Audioriver (Plock / Poland)
  • Edinburg Jazz Festival (Edinburgh / UK)
  • Eurosonic (Groningen / Netherlands)
  • Babylon Club (Istanbul / Turkey)
  • Mira Festival (Barcelona / Spain)
  • Krake Festival (Berlin / GE)
  • Pohoda (Trencin /SK)
  • Palác Akropolis (Prague / Czech Republic)
  • Stubnitz (Rotterdam / NL)


  • Angel Award (Czech Grammy) 2018 (A Portrait Of John Doe)
  • Apollo 2018 nomination (A Portrait Of John Doe)
  • Classic Music Award  2018 (A Portrait Of John Doe)
  • 2x Angel Awards (Czech Grammy) 2011 (Zorya)
  • Apollo 2011 nomination (Zorya)
  • Vinyla nomination 2011 (Zorya)
  • Best 2009 Soundtrack according PC Gamer (Machinarium OST)
  • Angel Award (Czech Grammy) 2001 (Pocustone)
  • Europian Qwartz Awards 2001 (Pocustone)